Become a co-user at WH22

We have been working on the first usage concepts for the WH22 area for several months. We are currently looking for other interested parties to use the rooms of the WH22 in the near future. The area offers space for many and many things - offers from the areas of social affairs and education, art and cultural events to areas for studios, small businesses and restaurants. 

Are you looking for rooms and have specific usage ideas that you would like to realize on the site? Then support us by doing the following questionnaire fills in We look forward to your ideas and inquiries.

With the help of the questionnaire we would like to get an overview of which actors are interested in using the WH22. We will use the next few months to develop a concept based on your information on how the available space can be used sensibly. Your information is therefore non-binding, but will help us to plan and set up a room program. 
Unfortunately, we cannot make any binding room commitments at this time. 
If you provide a contact option, we will be happy to keep you up to date. 

I am interested in becoming part of the cooperative!

In the course of 2023 we would like to found a cooperative that unites both users and supporters.