WH22 von Vielen für Viele

– a work of art by many for many

The WH22 as a work of art that you can walk in, as a social space and a living representation of the lumbung idea: our concern is to preserve and think ahead about the WH22 as a resource that is supported and used collectively. For the WH22 site, we envision a communal quarter with a focus on cultural and social uses, which is characterized by mutual cooperation, democratic participation and collective management.  



Press Announcement – Make a City Together!

Make a city together!Creators want to preserve WH22 in Kassel This spring, the cultural alliance “WH22 by many for many” wants to open a space for culture and social commitment in Kassel. The aim of the WH22 initiative is to fill the historical area of the former ARM in Werner-Hilpert-Straße 22 with life again. After a

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aka WH22 wohnzimmer

Tue + Thu: meeting in the open living room

Open living room in the aka planned opening hours: Tue + Thu 4-8 p.m.Meeting | Get to know WH22 | sipping drinks | Play | Working | you name it What is the open living room? The aka (everything can be different) is an open space at Werner-Hilpert-Straße 22, the “WH22”. The aka is during the living room opening hours

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03.12. court festival

Farm festival and day of open doors and cellar When? Saturday, 03.12. from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m., followed by a party at akaWo? Hof and aka @Werner-Hilpert-Straße 22 We look forward to everyone who is interested in the development in the WH22 and in particular to all people or organizations who are looking for space themselves or who have ideas

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Lumbung is a part of Kassel

Many initiatives in Kassel lived the principles of Lumbung even before the documenta. In numerous local areas and initiatives, this form of gathering, of common exchange and the Sharing Resources practiced. We want maintain this network, the Ekosistem Kassel and bring them together in a common space. This place is intended to be the walk-in work of art that will remain in Kassel in the long term as a representation of documenta fifteen.

City for and with everyone

In the WH22 a Experimental and future location arise, which outlines a solidary, climate-friendly and peaceful society. The WH22 will a place with and for all citizens. It should be continuously shaped in a participatory process, in which we focus on the fields of (sub)culture, education, social and political commitment. Existing initiatives are integrated and space is left for new ideas. This should create a wide range of things to look at, participate in and design yourself in WH22 - one place for the neighborhood and the whole city.

worn collectively

In the WH22 there will be a place that oriented towards the common good and accessible to many is. With donations from the city community, shares in the cooperative, direct loans, subsidies and bank loans as well as events on the site, we want to make this freedom possible in solidarity. In the long term, the place will be managed by a cooperative and thus by the people who fill the WH22 with life, democratically managed. For a city oriented towards the common good in the perspective of a good life for everyone!

From 2023

We are preparing for the Use of the WH22 from spring 2023 - as a first step to secure the WH22 for cultural and social uses in the long term. In order to achieve this goal, we cooperate with the cultural office of the city of Kassel. 
We are currently working intensively on our usage concept and are developing ideas on how the WH22 can be filled with life again in the future. Are you interested in using rooms at WH22 in the future? Then send us your ideas or fill in ours Questionnaire for those interested in using it out.

Balready from December 2022 is there im a.k.a, the former Club Wiese in the front building of the WH22, an open contact point for the future of the WH22. You can find event dates via the Insta account of the aka and on the decentralized. Come by and get involved! 

Of many: Our alliance

We are an open alliance of various cultural and social institutions, non-profit associations, civil society initiatives, architects, urban designers and other individuals, who have been active in Kassel for many years and implement projects and use their experience in the concept and contribute to the realization of the project.
Would you like to support us or actively participate? take Contact up to us.

From many: Participate To use Support Donate Lend work share

There are various ways to become part of the project and support the idea. You can ask about our Newsletter regularly informed about the status of the project, support the project ideally or financially or actively participate in the organization. 

Become a co-user

We are currently developing a usage concept for the WH22. To do this, we collect the needs of users who can imagine renting cheap space in WH22 in the future.

Become a comrade

The WH22 is to be organized according to democratic principles: a cooperative is to be founded in 2023. If you would like to become a comrade in the future, you can already submit a non-binding declaration of intent today.

work with

We develop the idea further in regular meetings and decentralized working groups. Writing concepts, juggling numbers, designing and building rooms... Do you want to help build a special place in Kassel? Write to us!

Supported us ideally

In order to be able to implement the project, we depend on your support: spread the idea, put us in touch with other supporters from civil society and politics, etc. We look forward to receiving tips and your message!

Write us!

I am interested in becoming part of the cooperative!

In the course of 2023 we would like to found a cooperative that unites both users and supporters.