WH22 Hope Festival 2023

Celebrate 1 year of WH22 with us by many for many!

Flea and DIY market | food | Music | Dance workshop | Soldering workshop | Drinks | Children's program | and much more

The “WH22 by Many for Many” alliance was founded in September 2022 to secure WH22 as a diverse place for art, culture and social engagement in Kassel in the long term. A joint purchase and self-organized management of the area was planned: by many for many.

At the beginning of 2023, the project took a new turn: since May 2023, the cdw Foundation has been the new owner of the site at Werner-Hilpert-Straße 22 in Kassel. The foundation also wants to preserve the place for cultural use: spaces for art and culture should be created at affordable rents. In addition, the foundation is planning to further develop WH22 with a new three-story studio building.

Of course, as a cultural alliance we would like to work towards revitalizing the area under the new circumstances and, together with the cdw, contribute to ensuring that the WH22 remains and becomes a diverse cultural venue that is open to urban society: we bring our ideas into the development process and hope to be able to rent the first rooms on the site soon.

WH22 by many for many is an open alliance of diverse cultural and social initiatives, non-profit associations and committed individuals who have been active in Kassel for many years and would like to contribute their knowledge and experience to the future design of WH22. We come from art & culture, cultural education & political engagement, urban design, music, dance & theater and all the blurring in between.

ideas? Participate? Write us:

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Many Alliance initiatives will contribute to the program, including:

Flea and DIY market (aka / Franz Ulrich)
Food (Food Council / Edible City)
Music (Franz Ulrich / aka)
Dance workshop (dance*work)
Soldering workshop (Flipdot)
Drinks (Lolita Bar)
Creative workshop (collective culture)
Children's program and much more 😉


I am interested in becoming part of the cooperative!

In the course of 2023 we would like to found a cooperative that unites both users and supporters.